Jewellery Care

Handmade jewellery is delicate and needs to be treated with care. Follow these instructions to keep your jewellery in the best condition.

  • Store jewellery separately in the boxes provided to avoid damage and to help prevent tarnishing.
  • Wear jewellery AFTER applying makeup, hairspray, gels, lotions and perfumes as these products will damage the delicate surface of pearls and semi-precious stones and significantly affect the brilliance of Swarovski crystals.
  • Protect jewellery from water as this will discolour crystals, pearls and gemstones and weaken wires and threads.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme conditions e.g. high heat and direct sunlight.
  • Clean tarnished silver using a silver polishing cloth avoiding pearls, crystals and gemstones.
  • Do not use jewellery cleaner or any other chemicals as this will damage pearls, crystals and gemstones.
  • Pearls, crystals and gemstones should be cleaned only with a soft cloth. Do not use cleaning products or chemicals.

If for any reason you lose or damage your Lotus Blue jewellery, please email us at  and we’ll do our best to help. We’ll assess your requirements and let you know the work required, including any applicable charges for your approval. 

We can usually make individual earrings if required.